Do you want to grow your business and get more media coverage?

Are you tired of your competitors getting on TV, getting featured in magazines, online and in the newspapers - while you get nothing?

One of the main reasons people don’t get media coverage is their pitch is no good. And they don’t even know it. Or they are sending it to the wrong media outlet. Or the wrong reporter or producer. Or their timing is off. Eventually they just give up trying to get publicity for their business or organization. It doesn’t have to be that way for you!

My name is Diane White. I spent 20 years working in newsrooms and nearly 10 years as a PR consultant, placing clients on media outlets across the country and on national news. PR and media relations is a marathon, not a sprint. There is no magic bullet. Let me teach you how to get PR and get featured in the media.

I have created a program called Media Insiders.
Here’s what you get with my program during the first three months

  • Deep dive media strategy session
  • Weekly live “fix my pitch sessions
  • Monthly media plans
  • Ongoing live Q&A sessions
  • Exclusive private Facebook group

My pricing for one on one ongoing consulting clients is more than $10,000.

For a limited time, I’m offering this program for only $997.

Today Show segment on DWPR client Just Between Friends

Here's the deal

  • You can spend thousands of dollars a month to have a PR firm do the work for you.
  • You can buy the DIY "info-products" that often provide templates for pitches and press releases as well as canned media list.


  • You may not be able to afford the expense of hiring a PR firm
  • You probably don’t have a solid, reliable, long term strategy for media and PR.

This program will be a game changer for you!
Here's what you will get:

The Deep Dive Media Strategy Session.
This one-on-one strategy session will allow you to start way ahead of the game and immediately equip you with newsworthy, timely pitches; help identify key media targets and your first monthly media plan of action. Then keep that momentum going with…

Weekly live “Fix my Pitch” sessions where I will critique and edit media pitches and teach the nuanced art of creating pitches that get noticed and covered.

Monthly media plans so you’ll go into each month and quarter knowing what to pitch and when. And you won’t do this alone. My team and I will be there with you along the way.

Ongoing live Q & A sessions to answer any questions or address any issues you are facing. This will include guest appearances from members of the media – local, regional and national. And all videos are recorded.

Exclusive access to our private Facebook group and Diane’s team of media experts

A complete content library with relevant and timely tip sheets: How to generate publicity, building media relationships via social media, staying ahead of the curve on media opportunities, researching and building media lists, and much more.

Diane White PR client "Just Between Friends" interview by Rebecca Jarvis on ABC News.

Act NOW to get your company the media coverage you deserve.

“By executing Diane’s PR plan and with her coaching us, A New Leaf had more press coverage in one year that is had in its previous 30 years. We had, at a minimum, two stories a month including digital, newspapers and television. My CEO was thrilled and our board of directors was extremely happy with our success. Diane and her team deeply care for their coaching clients. She sees her client’s successes as her successes.”

-Kayla Jones
Former Director of Marketing & Business Development in Tulsa, Okla.

“Diane White is my go-to resource for PR strategy. She thinks out of the box (and even in the box) and comes up with terrific ideas to pitch the media. Because of Diane, I have been on both local and national TV. My credibility and brand awareness has grown big time. “

-Justin Krane
Certified Financial Planner
Money Strategist for Business Owners - Los Angeles

“We loved working with Diane. She has helped us immensely to grow our women’s collective that we started in Los Angeles. Because of her, we landed our first TV coverage. Because of her, we have contacts at the best magazines and TV stations here in LA. We are eternally grateful for all she has done. Diane has gone above and beyond.”

-Bri Seeley & Thais Guimaraes
Founders, Amplify Collective in Los Angeles

Why work with me?

The main reason is because you want the media coverage that has, up to this point, eluded you. You’re tired of playing around and tired of being ignored. You’re ready to get noticed and become a media insider.

Here’s the other reason: I have 20 years’ experience working in newsrooms—as an assignment editor, a reporter, a producer, and an anchor. I have maintained and cultivated contacts nationwide. I know how to craft a pitch, develop story ideas and angles, look for hooks, and overcome objections. I will teach you to do the same.


Look, you can keep doing what you have been doing. Chances are, you will get the same results you’ve been getting. If you’re happy with those results, great! You don’t need me!
BUT if you are ready to step up and learn the tips and secrets all successful media insider KNOW to get the media coverage that will make a huge difference in your business, then this program is for you.